Top Financial Mathematics Programs

Top universities offering financial mathematics programs:

The University of Chicago (US) - The University offers an intensive, one-year Master of Science in Financial Mathematics program that pioneered the teaching of an integrated program of theoretical and applied mathematics and practical applications to derivatives pricing and the management of financial assets.

Stanford University (US) - The Departments of Mathematics and Statistics, in close cooperation with the Departments of Economics and Management, Science & Engineering and the Graduate School of Business, offer an Interdisciplinary Master of Science Degree in Financial Mathematics. The program provides a masters-level education in applied and computational mathematics, statistics and financial applications to candidates with strong mathematical skills.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (US) - The Professional Master of Science in Financial Mathematics Program offers a practice-oriented track to prepare individuals for quantitative careers in the financial industry including banks, insurance companies, investment and securities firms.

The University of Sydney (Australia) - Students in the BSc and BSc (Advanced) degrees can choose to major in Financial Mathematics and Statistics. The best students may also consider completing a fourth (Honours) year.

University of New South Wales (Australia) - The Master of Financial Mathematics program offers intensive, high-level training in principles of financial modelling and its mathematical foundations, statistical techniques, risk assessment, and computational techniques of financial mathematics. Honours graduates in Statistics may get exemption for some courses and could complete the degree with one year of full time study.

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