Best M.D./MBA Degree Programs

Best universities for M.D./MBA dual degree programs:

Harvard University
- Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Harvard Business School (HBS) have established the MD/MBA program and enrolled its first students in the fall of 2005.
- The program is structured to be completed in five academic years. The curriculum is rigorously grounded in fundamental management concepts and the core science disciplines of medicine.
- Harvard has the top-ranked business school and medical school in the country. It is ranked No. 1 among the best medical schools (Research Ranking) in the nation (US News 2011).

Cornell University
- The Cornell M.D./MBA dual degree is tailored to medical and graduate students who wish to pursue a career in business, preparing them for leadership roles in health organizations, biotechnology companies, etc.
- Medical students can apply for the dual degree program before admission to Weill Cornell Medical College or within the first three years of matriculation; graduate students can apply at any time during their studies.
- U.S. News ranked the Weill Cornell Medical School as the 15th best in the nation in its 2007 edition.

Stanford University
- The MD/MBA dual degree allows students to pursue an MBA at the Graduate School of Business and an MD from the Stanford School of Medicine in 5 academic years of residence.
- Candidates must apply and be accepted independently to both the School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Business.
- US News ranked Stanford MBA No. 1 in tie with Harvard Business School (2011).

University of Pennsylvania
- The MD/MBA dual degree program is designed for those interested in integrating the study of medicine with training in managerial, financial, and technical expertise in the health care field.
- University of Pennsylvania has one of the bst ranked medical school and b-school in the nation. According to the USNWR 2011 rankings, Penn is ranked in the top 5 for its MBA program and in 2nd place among the best medical schools in the nation, based on research ranking.

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