Top Universities in India 2011

According to the QS Asian University Rankings 2011, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is the best ranked institution in India (rated 1st in the country and 36th in Asia), followed by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (moved up two places to 37th regionally), and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (dropped two places to 38th in 2011).

A total of 5 Indian institutions ranked in the top 50 regionally. IIT Madras and IIT Kharagpur are the new entrants in the Asian top 50 list in 2011.

In the subject rankings of Arts and Humanities, University of Delhi is ranked 1st in India and 25th in Asia. The University of Delhi is also the only Indian university ranked in the top 50 regionally for Life Sciences and Medicine (at 48th).

In the subject of IT & Engineering, a total of 6 institutions made it to the Asian top 50 list, with IIT Bombay rated 1st in the country and 12th in Asia. In the subject of Social Sciences, two institutions are ranked in the top 50: University of Delhi (20th) and IIT Delhi (48th). In the subject of Natural Sciences, IIT Bombay is ranked 1st nationally and 19th regionally, ahead of IIT Delhi (26th) and IIT Kanpur (31st).

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