People & Planet Green League 2011

According to the People & Planet Green League 2011, Nottingham Trent University has been named as the most environmentally friendly and ethical university in the UK. The University has topped the People & Planet Green League for the second time in three years. The University also scored full points for its efforts in implementing renewable energy initiatives.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has been awarded a First for its commitment to systemic environmental management and its environmental performance. This is the third year that the School has achieved a First in the Green League, which has ranked LSE as 22nd out of the 142 institutions in this year's table.

The University of Derby is ranked 22nd out of 142 UK universities in the 2011 People & Planet Green League. The University is officially 'First Class' when it comes to being environmentally responsible. Only 31 of the universities received a First Class grading; with others getting a 2:1, 2:2, Third or Fail.

Brunel University rose to 50th place from 107th in 2010, out of 138 participating institutions. It received a '2.1' grade, moving from third class to upper second class. The University also greatly improved its energy efficiency.

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