Top 4 Philippine Universities 2011

Four Philippine universities made it in the QS Top 200 Asian Universities for 2011, with the University of the Philippines ranked 1st in the country and 62nd in Asia, followed by the Ateneo de Manila University (No. 68 in Asia), University of Santo Tomas (No. 104 in Asia), and De La Salle University (No. 107 in Asia).

Ranking Analysis:

University of the Philippines
- 1st in Philippines and 20th in Asia for Arts and Humanities.
- 63rd for IT & Engineering.
- 20th for Arts and Humanities.
- 27th for Social Sciences.
- 37th for Life Sciences and Medicine.
- 39th for Natural Sciences.

Ateneo de Manila University
- 1st in RP and 38th for Natural Sciences.
- 29th for Arts and Humanities.
- 89th for IT & Engineering.
- 46th for Social Sciences.
- 64th for Life Sciences and Medicine.

University of Santo Tomas
- 104th in Asia and 3rd in RP.
- 61st for Life Sciences and Medicine.
- 103rd for Arts and Humanities.
- 104th for Natural Sciences.

De La Salle University
- 107th in Asia and 4th in RP.
- 59th for Arts and Humanities.
- 74th for Life Sciences and Medicine.
- 79th for Social Sciences.
- 98th for Natural Sciences.
- 113th for IT & Engineering.

Following are the Top 4 Philippine universities for 2011 (based on QS scores):
Rank, School Name, QS Score
1 University of the Philippines 58.1
2 Ateneo de Manila University 57.2
3 University of Santo Tomas 47.1
4 De La Salle University 45.9

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