Medical Schools in Serbia

Leading medical schools in Serbia:

University of Belgrade School of Medicine (UBSM)
- The University of Belgrade is the oldest and largest center for higher education and research in the region.
- The School of Medicine in Belgrade, founded in 1920, is the largest institution for training of physicians in Serbia and Montenegro as well as in Balkan region.
- The course of instruction leading to the M.D. degree extends over a six year period. After earning the M.D. degree, one year of internship, and passing State Licensing Examination, young doctors enter into residency programs of three or more years' duration.

University of Novi Sad Faculty of Medicine
- The Integrated Academic Studies in Medicine leading to the medical doctor degree last for 6 years.
- After completing the whole Curriculum of the Integrated Academic Studies in Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Novi Sad, students gain knowledge and skills necessary for independent individual work.

University of Nis Faculty of Medicine
- The Faculty of Medicine, University of Nis, is a state-owned educational and scientific institution, founded in 1960.

University of Kragujevac Faculty of Medicine
- University of Kragujevac is a modern educational and research centre embracing almost all major areas of teaching and research.
- The Medical Faculty in Kragujevac is the only faculty in the country that has its own international journal.
- It is the first Faculty in the country that has established the doctoral academic studies.

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