Top Applied Physics Programs

Top universities offering applied physics programs:

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - According to the 1996 Gourman Report, "A Rating of Graduate and Professional Programs in American & International Universities", Rensselaer Applied Physics program is ranked in the top 10 among universities in the US that have similar programs.

Columbia University - The academic program in applied mathematics (M.S. degree) emphasizes applied math research in nonlinear dynamics, fluid mechanics, and scientific computation with a current emphasis on geophysical, biophysical, and plasma physics applications.

Indiana University Bloomington - The Physics Department at Indiana University Bloomington offers a Bachelor of Science degree program in Applied Physics to prepare individual for high-tech industry jobs. The curriculum includes an instrumentation laboratory course designed to teach candidates how to use industry-standard tools.

Yale University - The Department of Applied Physics offers degree programs leading to the B.A., B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. Teaching and research are focused on fundamental issues in condensed matter and optical physics and on the practical application of these concepts and techniques to technology.

Oregon State University - The Professional Science Master’s Program in Applied Physics is designed to build on the breadth of the physics undergraduate education and produce a new type of physicist whose graduate training specifically addresses the challenges of a rapidly evolving, technologically based economy.

Armstrong Atlantic State University - The Bachelor of Science with a major in applied physics is a versatile undergraduate degree that prepares individuals with a broad-based, intellectually challenging academic experience. The curriculum provides a solid academic foundation in physics with an emphasis on engineering applications such as electronics and computer interfacing.

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