Best Artificial Intelligence Programs

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is rated No. 1 in the US News ranking of best Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs (2011), followed by Carnegie Mellon University in second position and Stanford University in third position. Carnegie Mellon has been a leader in AI research since the field of AI was founded. Artificial Intelligence Research at Carnegie Mellon is spread across many units of School of Computer Science (SCS), including Computer Science Department, Robotics Institute, Language Technologies Institute, Machine Learning Department, and some activity in Human-Computer Interaction Institute and Entertainment Technology Center.

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is ranked 11th for Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI program at the University of Michigan comprises a multidisciplinary group of researchers conducting theoretical, experimental and applied investigations of intelligent systems.

Brown University is rated 17th for Artificial Intelligence. The AI program at Brown University is concerned with theoretical and empirical studies involving problems ranging from natural language interpretation and machine perception to mobile robotics and disembodied agents, such as those employed in searching the World Wide Web. The research emphasizes algorithmic issues in using sophisticated models to represent and solve such problems.

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