Colleges with the Highest Endowments

Following are the top universities and colleges with the highest endowment income:

Princeton University (US) - It has the highest endowment per student of any university in the world. As of June 30, 2010, Princeton's endowment was valued at $14.4 billion. The University's endowment earned a 14.7 percent annual return on its investments in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2010.

University of Virginia (US) - With the second highest endowment of any state affiliated university in the United States, the University has achieved an international reputation through its comprehensive programs, expanding and pace setting research and ability to attract leading scholars to its faculty.

Lafayette College (US) - It has one of the highest endowment rates per student in the nation. The College aims to position itself among the top-tier liberal-arts colleges on such key academic measures as student/faculty ratio, financial-aid allocations, endowment per student, and funding for library resources and information technology.

University of Surrey (UK) - It has the third-highest endowment income of all UK universities. The University's own research and enterprise activities, epitomised by the Surrey Research Park, are highly successful in attracting inward investment and fostering links with many world leading organisations.

University of Cambridge (UK) - In 2005, Cambridge total endowment was estimated at £3.1 billion, arguably the highest endowment in Europe. In late 2006, the total financial endowment of the university and the colleges was estimated at £4.1 billion (£1.2 billion tied directly to the university, and £2.9 billion to the colleges).

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