Insider's Guide to the Colleges

"The Insider's Guide to the Colleges" is compiled and edited by the staff of the Yale Daily News (Yale University's student newspaper). Some of the leading colleges highlighted in the guidebook include:

- Occidental College was recognized by the Insider's Guide as one of a handful of colleges and universities with the strongest undergraduate focus.

- The College of New Jersey is described by The Insider's Guide to the Colleges (2009) as “a gem of the public education system” that “boasts a world-class education combined with a rarely matched level of affordability.” The guide praises the College for its small class sizes, range of school-sponsored events, and the support system for freshman.

- According to The Insider's Guide to the Colleges (2010), Knox College gives students the confidence and comfort they need to enjoy their college experience to the fullest. From collaborative efforts in the classroom to dinners at professors' houses, students get to know the people around them in ways that might not be possible at other schools.

- The Insider's Guide concluded: James Madison University (JMU) provides a terrific liberal arts education and continues its history of producing successful alumni today, while fostering an inclusive and high-spirited atmosphere that complements its beautiful area.

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