Best Historical Sociology Programs

Harvard University and University of California--Los Angeles are tied for No. 1 in the US News ranking of Best Historical Sociology Programs (2010), followed by University of California--Berkeley in third position.

The Berkeley Sociology Department is highly regarded as the world's top-ranked center for sociological research, training and teaching. The Department has been ranked first by US News in the subfields of economic sociology and gender and second in the subfields of culture, historical sociology, social stratification, and population. Compared to other US sociology departments, Berkeley graduate students receive more National Science Foundation Fellowships, more frequently win the annual prize for the best sociology dissertation, and they gain a higher percentage of jobs in the top sociology departments.

The Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago has one of the leading programs in historical sociology. It offers a community of faculty and graduate students interested in applying sociological reasoning and methods to historical issues, as well as using historical topics to advance sociological understanding.

University of Wisconsin--Madison is ranked 9th for historical sociology by US News. The Department of Sociology in Madison is an excellent one and often ranked number one in the world. UW-Madison is known for its superior undergraduate as well as graduate teaching (with an award-winning faculty).

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