Top Chemistry Departments

List of universities with top rated chemistry departments:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - The Department of Chemistry at MIT is widely recognized as one of the top chemistry departments in the world. The Department's program of teaching and research spans the breadth of chemistry. General areas covered include biological chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and physical chemistry. Specialized areas covered include environmental chemistry, materials chemistry and nanoscience.

Pennsylvania State University - In a report from the National Science Foundation, Academic Research and Development Expenditures: Fiscal Year 2008, Penn State Chemistry was rated 11th in the list of top 100 chemistry departments with the most spending on chemical research and development.

University of Texas at Austin - The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has been ranked among the top ten departments in North America and among the top five in public institutions. The Department features a variety of in-house services and facilities that support state-of-the-art teaching activities and high-level scientific research.

Western Kentucky University - The Chemistry Department at WKU consistently ranks among the top 50 largest undergraduate chemistry programs in the U.S out of more than 1100 programs. The Department has the highest number of B.S. graduates going on to a Ph.D. in Chemistry in Kentucky and ranked 185th in the U.S., putting it in the top 20% of all programs in the United States.

Georgia Institute of Technology - The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Georgia Tech is one of the most highly ranked chemistry departments in the US. Faculty in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry have also received numerous awards.

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