Top Forensic Anthropology Schools

Following are the top schools for forensic anthropology programs:

Western Carolina University - The University's Forensic Anthropology Program will prepare students to study human skeletons in a legal context. Candidates will be trained to compete across the globe and throughout the region with the most skilled in this field of unlimited opportunity.

Boston University - The MS in Forensic Anthropology program is designed to train students in the theory, practice, and methods of biological and skeletal anthropology employed by forensic anthropologists. Students will receive extensive training in osteology, forensic anthropological techniques and procedures, human anatomy, crime scene investigation and methods of human identification.

The University of Montana Missoula - Students have the opportunity to specialize in forensic anthropology by pursuing the B.A. degree or the M.A. degree in Anthropology with an option in Forensic Anthropology.

California State University, Los Angeles - Forensic Anthropology at Cal State Los Angeles is a graduate option which requires special admission. Students must obtain admission to the university as well as to the option. It is a degree in Anthropology with a focus on the forensic applications.

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