Top Universities in Guatemala

Universidad Francisco Marroquín is the top ranked university in Guatemala, followed by Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala in 2nd place, Universidad Rafael Landivar in 3rd place and Universidad Galileo in 4th place, according to the Webometrics ranking of Top Colleges and Best Universities of Guatemala (July 2011).

Founded in 1971, Universidad Francisco Marroquín (Francisco Marroquín University) is a private, secular, university in Guatemala City. The University targets the brightest students for admission and it has the most rigorous entrance requirements in the country. Degrees awarded include: Associate, profesorado (for secondary school teachers), licenciatura (licentiate), magister (artium and scienciae), M.D., D.D.S, doctorate. Areas of instruction include: architecture, business administration, clinical nutrition, dentistry, economics, education, international relations, law, medicine, political studies, public accounting, psychology, social sciences.

The Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala was founded on 31 January 1676. It offers various programs, both for university students and to the general public, through Free Program University Courses, as the Continuing Education Program for professionals graduates.

Universidad Galileo is one of the most important universities in the Central American region. It has the following schools: School of Systems, Information Technology and Computer Science Engineering; School of Science, Technology and Industry; School of Education; School of Communication Sciences; School of Sports Science and Technology. It also has four Professional Training Schools: Advanced School of Arts; School of Health Sciences; The Technical School; Advanced School of Professional Updating and Development.

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