Top Universities in North America 2011-2012

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is rated No. 1 in North America and the world according to the Times Higher Education rankings of Top North American Universities 2011-2012. Caltech is a leading private university in Pasadena (California) that conducts instruction and research in science and engineering.

Harvard University and Stanford University are tied for the 2nd place in the league table, followed by Princeton University (4th in North America and 5th in the world).

The Georgia Institute of Technology is ranked 24th among the global top 200 universities, moving up from 27th last year and was the top-ranked public university from the southern United States.

The University of Washington is ranked 25th best university in the world and the fifth-ranked American public university, according to The Times Higher Education Rankings.

The Top 10 universities in North America for 2011-2012:
Rank, Institution, (Global Rank)
1 California Institute of Technology (1)
2 Harvard University (2)
2 Stanford University (2)
4 Princeton University (5)
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (7)
6 University of Chicago (9)
7 University of California, Berkeley (10)
8 Yale University (11)
9 Columbia University (12)
10 University of California, Los Angeles (13)
Source: Times Higher Education

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