MBA Top-Up Programmes

Leading UK universities and colleges offering MBA top-up programmes:

University of Plymouth - The MBA programme is designed as a top-up for existing holders of a Diploma in Management Studies (DMS). In addition to the academic entry, the applicant must have other qualifications and/or experience that has demonstrated that the applicant can meet the demands of the course, as well as a minimum of two years of relevant work experience.

The University of Northampton - The Master of Business Administration (top-up from DMS) is a part-time/distance learning programme designed as a top-up for holders of the Diploma in Management Studies. The MBA enables participants to consider issues in an organisation wide or total business context.

The University of Worcester - The MBA top up course is designed for students who have successfully the NCC Education Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management.

Cavendish College - The Cavendish MBA Top-up (University of Wales) is a high quality programme that offers students a combination of excellent current generalist strategic leadership and management subjects, combined with exciting specialist pathways in Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Health Service and Hospitality. It is designed for those who have completed Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (EDEXCEL PGDMS) or equivalent. Cavendish College is recognised as Efficient by The British Accreditation Council for Independent, Further and Higher Education.

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