Top Applied Linguistics Programs

Following are the top universities for applied linguistics graduate programs:

Boston University (USA) - The University's doctoral and master's programs in Applied Linguistics offer a solid foundation in linguistic theory and practice, and offer opportunities for study in a variety of applied areas. The MA and PhD programs are designed for those whose primary interest is in first language acquisition and development, second language and bilingualism, language disorders, the development and use of American Sign Language, theoretical linguistics, the teaching of foreign languages, literacy and discourse studies.

Monash University (Australia) - The Master of Applied Linguistics program offers students a critical understanding of the theoretical and practical issues relating to applied linguistics, including second/foreign language acquisition, language teaching, language contact and intercultural communication. The program can be completed in 1.5 years full-time, or 3 years part-time.

Macquarie University (Australia) - The Master of Applied Linguistics and Postgraduate Diploma programs are designed for Australian and overseas practitioners in a variety of professions whose work is concerned with applied language study. Minimum completion time is one year full-time or two to three years part-time for the masters and one year full-time or two years part-time for the postgraduate diploma.

The Australian National University - The Master of Applied Linguistics program provides students with the opportunity to study the nature of language, with focus on applications such as the teaching and learning of first and second languages or the use of language in human interaction.

The University of Melbourne (Australia) - The Master of Applied Linguistics is a one-year program designed for professionals working with language in a range of areas such as TESOL, second / foreign language teaching, translation and interpreting. It provides a professional qualification and specialist training in the discipline, and may prepare for doctoral level study.

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