Top Schools for Environmental Science

Following are the top leading schools for Environmental Science degree programs:

Harvard University - It is ranked No. 1 for Environmental Sciences in the 2011 QS World University Rankings. Harvard has long been a pioneer in environmental education and research. Research in environmental science and engineering ranges from atmospheric sciences to microbiology, climate, oceanography, environmental chemistry, water management, and international environmental politics.

Columbia University - The department of Earth & Environmental Sciences of Columbia University offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Department offers a Ph.D. degree in Earth & Environmental Sciences with opportunities to specialize in aqueous geochemistry, atmospheric science, climate science, ecophysiology, etc. The PhD Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences are rated Best Overall by the National Research Council (NRC), 2010.

University of California, Riverside - UCR's environmental sciences program ranked 3rd in the nation, according to the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index (2007), which ranks academic programs at research universities based on per-capita scholarly accomplishments among professors within departments offering Ph.D.s.

University of Colorado at Boulder - It is one of the nation's leaders in environmental research. In the National Science Foundation's rankings (January 2007), CU was 1st in federally funded research in environmental sciences among the 150 public universities ranked.

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