Top Schools for Japanese Studies

Following are the top schools for Japanese studies programs:

DePaul University - It offers a major and a minor in Japanese studies and a minor in Japanese language. The Japanese Studies program is an interdisciplinary program that focused on Japanese language, literature, history, art, culture, religions, political science or business.

University of Missouri - The Japanese Studies Program at the University of Missouri offers students the opportunity to study Japanese language and culture through a variety of classes and activities on the campus and through a range of summer, one-semester, and academic-year study abroad programs in several locations in Japan.

Earlham College - Students pursuing a major in Japanese Studies combine courses from a variety of departments and programs to gain a broad grounding in the interdisciplinary study of traditional and contemporary Japan.

Portland State University (PSU) - Located in downtown Portland, PSU has the most comprehensive program in Japanese Studies in the greater Portland metropolitan area that includes Vancouver, Washington. The internationally-recognized faculty offer a range of courses in Japanese language, art, geography, economics, history, international management, literature and theater, and politics.

University of San Francisco (USF) - The four-year Japanese Studies program at USF offers Japanese language, art, religion, culture, literature, linguistics, history and business courses. Students can pursue the Japanese Major, Minor, or Certificate concurrently with a major in business, pre-law, education, or other professional area.

Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU) - The Japanese Studies Program is designed for the candidates to acquire the practical usage of Japanese language. Students completing a Japanese Studies minor can pursue further studies at graduate school, become teachers, participate in internships or explore other career opportunities.

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