Top Universities in Moldova

Free International University of Moldova is the top ranked university in Moldova, followed by Academy of Economic Studies from Moldova in 2nd place and State University of Moldova in 3rd place, according to the Webometrics ranking of Top Colleges and Best Universities of Moldova, Republic of (July 2011).

Free International University of Moldova is situated in the centre of the capital of the Republic of Moldova – Chisinau city. It was founded on October 16, 1992. The University is accredited by the National Council for Academic Assessment and Accreditation, Certificate No 016 from July 16, 2002. It has the following faculties: Law; Economics; Biomedicine and Ecology; Foreign Languages and Public Communication; Engineering and Informatics; History and International Relations; Psychology and Social Assistance.

The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova was founded on 25 September 1991 pursuant to Decision no. 537 of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. It has the following faculties: Business Management and Administration; Economics and Law; International Economic Relations; Finance; Accounting; Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics.

The State University of Moldova was established on October 1, 1946. It is the first of the higher education institutions accredited by the Government of Moldova. The University entered the International Association of Universities as a plenipotentiary member in 1969.

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