US Biomedical / Bioengineering Rankings

Johns Hopkins University (Whiting) is ranked 1st for Biomedical Engineering by US News (Best Graduate Schools 2011), followed by Georgia Institute of Technology (=2nd) and University of California--San Diego (Jacobs) (=2nd). Duke University (Pratt) is rated 4th for its graduate biomedical programs, while the undergraduate biomedical/biomedical engineering programs placed third in the rankings.

The Whitaker Biomedical Engineering Institute at Johns Hopkins University offers the Biomedical Engineering MSE program for those who wish to pursue careers in research and development, academics, or medicine. The program, which is designed to be completed in two years, consists of 24 credits of course work and a thesis project.

Duke's Biomedical Engineering Department is consistently rated as one of the best programs in the country. Duke BME prepares graduates to be leaders in industry and academia. The Duke undergraduate major in biomedical engineering was the first accredited department (September 1972) by the Engineering Council for Profession Development (now the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

Top 5 Biomedical / Bioengineering programs:
1 Johns Hopkins University (Whiting)
2 Georgia Institute of Technology
2 University of California--San Diego (Jacobs)
4 Duke University (Pratt)
5 University of Washington
Source: US News (2011)

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