Universities in Jodhpur

Jodhpur National University and National Law University, Jodhpur are amongst the leading universities located in Jodhpur (India).

Jodhpur National University (JNU) has pioneered the concept of technical education in the Western part of Rajasthan. It has strived to provide excellence in all fields of technology by attracting the best of the faculty from a wide spread spectrum of intellectuals from all over the country. The University is situated in the suburbs of Jodhpur. JNU offers a range of academic programs through its faculties including the Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health, etc.

National Law University (NLU), Jodhpur is one of the leading law schools of the country, offering a range of under-graduate and post-graduate courses in various streams of law. It is the only university in India which engages in the finest experiment of converging legal knowledge with other disciplines like management, finance, economics and science. NLU has one of the best faculties among the national institutions engaged in imparting legal education. The University also offers distance education programs (Law) to provide an excellent opportunity to those who want to update their knowledge and skills through the process of continuous learning.

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