Best Fine Arts Graduate Programs

Yale University is ranked No. 1 among the best fine arts programs in the US News & World Report "America's Best Graduate Schools" 2013, followed by Rhode Island School of Design (tied for 2nd place with School of the Art Institute of Chicago).

Rochester Institute of Technology is among the top colleges and universities in the nation for master's programs in fine arts. It is tied for 27th among universities offering graduate-level studies in fine arts. RIT's rankings among fine arts specialties are as follows: Photography (tied for 6th), Industrial design (tied for 8th), Multimedia/visual communications (12th).

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville's graduate programs in fine arts moved up in the list. The School of Art part of the College of Arts and Sciences, saw its Master of Fine Arts program improve to 45th in the nation, up from 50th in its previous ranking, and 22nd among public universities, up two spots from the last time the program was ranked.

In the ranking of Best Fine Arts graduate programs, Louisiana State University (LSU) saw a 14-position improvement since its last ranking. The program is ranked 62nd in the 2013 report, tied with nine other universities, an improvement of 14 places from 76th in the 2009 report.

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