World University Rankings 2012-2013

California Institute of Technology was ranked No. 1 in a global ranking of the top 200 universities by the Times Higher Education, followed by Oxford University (2nd), Stanford University (2nd), Harvard University (4th), and MIT (5th).

The University of Washington was ranked as the 24th best university in the world and the 4th-best American public university. It was placed 4th behind only Berkeley (9th), UCLA (13th), and the University of Michigan (20th) among public universities.

The University of Texas at Austin moved into the top 25 of the world's elite universities in the 2012-13 THE World University Rankings, up from No. 29 in the 2011-12 rankings to No. 25 this year. The university achieved higher scores in all the major ranking categories such as teaching, research and innovation.

In Australia, the highest ranked institution is University of Melbourne (28th globally), ahead of Australian National University (37th), University of Sydney (62nd), University of Queensland (65th), University of New South Wales (85th), Monash University (99th), among others.

In Asia, the highest ranked institution is University of Tokyo (27th globally), ahead of National University of Singapore (29th), University of Hong Kong (35th), Peking University (46th), Pohang University of Science and Technology (50th), among others.

The top 20 universities for 2012-2013:
1 California Institute of Technology
=2 Oxford University
=2 Stanford University
4 Harvard
6 Princeton
7 Cambridge
8 Imperial College London
9 University of California, Berkeley
10 University of Chicago
11 Yale University
12 ETH Z├╝rich
13 University of California, Los Angeles
14 Columbia University
15 University of Pennsylvania
16 Johns Hopkins University
17 University College London
18 Cornell University
19 Northwestern
20 University of Michigan
Source: Times Higher Education

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