Top Universities in Europe 2013

The University of Cambridge is the highest ranked university in Europe, according to the 2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). It is ranked 1st in Europe and 5th in the world, ahead of the University of Oxford (2nd in Europe and 10th in the world), and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (3rd in Europe and 20th in the world).

University College London  (UCL) retains its place in the top 25 of the annual Shanghai Jiao Tong university rankings. It is ranked 4th in Europe and tied for 21st place with The University of Tokyo (Japan).

Imperial College is ranked 4th in UK, 5th in Europe and 24th in the world by ARWU in 2013. It is also ranked highly in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012-13: ranked 3rd in Europe and 8th in the world overall; 3rd in Europe and 11th in the world for teaching; 3rd in Europe and 12th in the world for research; 8th in Europe and 21st in the world for industry; 7th in Europe and 10th in the world for international outlook.

Top 5 universities in Europe as ranked by ARWU:
1 University of Cambridge
2 University of Oxford
3 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
4 University College London
5 Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine