Top Universities in Finland 2014

The University of Helsinki was ranked No. 1 in Finland, 60th within Europe and 179th worldwide, according to the Ranking Web of Universities by Webometrics (January 2014 ranking edition). The Webometrics review included 48 institutes in Finland and almost 6,000 in Europe.

The University of Oulu reached the position of 2nd in Finland, 159th within Europe and 395th worldwide, followed by the University of Jyväskylä which was rated as the 3rd best of the Finnish universities and was placed 162nd within Europe and 397th in the international comparison. In addition, the JYX publication archive of the University of Jyväskylä was counted among the 100 most appreciated scientific publication archives in the world. The January 2014 ranking edition gave JYX archive a position of 40th in Europe and 78th worldwide, as a second of the Finnish academic digital archives.

Other Finnish universities ranked on the top 1000 ranking list are the University of Turku (4th in Finland and 488th in the world), Aalto University (5th in the country and 521st in the world), Tampere University of Technology (6th in the country and 599th in the world), University of Tampere (7th in the country and 601st in the world), Abo Akademi University (8th in the country and 755th in the world), and University of Eastern Finland (9th in the country and 925th in the world).