Maclean’s University Rankings 2017

Maclean’s has just released its annuals university rankings for 2017. According to Maclean’s, McGill University took the top spot in the medical doctoral category for the 12th year in a row, while the University of Toronto came in second and the University of British Columbia (UBC) was ranked third.

Queen's University was ranked as one of Canada’s leading medical-doctoral universities according to Maclean’s 2017 university rankings, placing 4th overall in the category. Queen’s was also ranked 3rd amongst the 15 medical-doctoral schools in terms of student satisfaction. In addition, Queen’s ranked in the top 5 medical doctoral universities in all of the 10 categories, including satisfaction with course instructors, mental health services, experiential learning, residence living, etc.

Queen’s University maintained its standing in several categories, placing 2nd in terms of faculty awards, 7th in social sciences and humanities grants, 4th in medical/science grants and 12th in citations.