Top Dental Schools 2017

Queen’s University Belfast is ranked No. 1 in the UK for dentistry according to the Guardian University 2017, followed by Plymouth University in 2nd place.

Queen Mary University of London's School of Medicine and Dentistry is ranked 1st in London in the Guardian's Medicine and Dentistry league tables for 2017, as well as 2nd in medicine and 3rd in dentistry overall in the UK.

The University of Dundee is the best place in Scotland to study Dentistry, according to the 2017 Guardian University Rankings. It is ranked 4th in the UK, behind only those at the Queen’s University Belfast, Plymouth University, and Queen Mary University of London. The University of Dundee as a whole was placed 28th in the UK rankings, up ten places from last year.

Top 5 UK universities for dentistry:
1. Queen’s University Belfast
2. Plymouth University
3. Queen Mary University of London
4. University of Dundee
5. Cardiff
Source: Guardian 2017

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