RAE 2008 Outcomes for Law

LSE is ranked No. 1 for its Law Department, followed by UCL in second place and Oxford in third place. Both Durham and Nottingham is ranked joint fourth nationally in terms of both the quality profile and the grade point average.

2008 RAE League Table - Top Law Schools:

Name, Average ranking
London School of Economics and Political Science 3.1
University College London 3.05
University of Oxford 3
University of Durham 2.9
University of Nottingham 2.9
University of Kent 2.85
Cardiff University 2.8
Queen's University Belfast 2.8
University of Cambridge 2.8
University of Edinburgh 2.75
Queen Mary, University of London 2.7
University of Reading 2.7
University of Ulster 2.65
University of Strathclyde 2.65
University of Birmingham 2.65
University of Bristol 2.6
University of Sussex 2.6
University of Glasgow 2.6
University of Dundee 2.55
King's College London 2.55
University of Leeds 2.55
University of Sheffield 2.5
University of Manchester 2.5
University of Southampton 2.5
Swansea Univ 2.45
Keele Univ 2.45
Brunel Univ 2.45
U of Essex 2.45
U of Liverpool 2.45
U of Warwick 2.4
Lancaster Univ 2.4
Oxford Brookes Univ 2.4
U of Hull 2.35
School of Oriental and African Studies 2.35
U of Exeter 2.3
U of Newcastle upon Tyne 2.25
U of East Anglia 2.25
U of East London 2.2
U of Westminster 2.2
U of Leicester 2.2
U of Aberdeen 2.2
U of Stirling 2.15
City Univ, London 2.1
Aberystwyth Univ 2.05
U of Abertay Dundee 2
Birkbeck College 1.95
De Montfort Univ 1.85
U of Wolverhampton 1.85
U of the West of England, Bristol 1.8
U of Salford 1.75
Nottingham Trent Univ 1.7
Middlesex Univ 1.65
U of Central Lancashire 1.6
U of Lincoln 1.6
U of Glamorgan 1.6
London Metropolitan Uni 1.55
Robert Gordon Uni 1.5
Glasgow Caledonian Uni 1.5
Kingston Uni 1.5
Sheffield Hallam Uni 1.4
U of Greenwich 1.4
U of Sunderland 1.3
Bournemouth Uni 1.25
Coventry Uni 1.15
Napier Uni 1.1
U of the West of Scotland 1.05
Southampton Solent Uni 0.85

* The Research Assessment Exercise is conducted by the Higher Education Funding Councils, each Sub-Panel determined an overall quality profile for the research of each institution that entered staff. 

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