Electrical Engineering Doctoral Ranking

Stanford is the top university for Electrical Engineering. The Department of Electrical Engineering (http://www-ee.stanford.edu) offers Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, which is built on a broad base of science, mathematics, and engineering skills. Stanford is also ranked top for its graduate school in Electrical / Electronic / Communications, according to the US News & World Report 2010 (ranked joint first with University of California--Berkeley and MIT).

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department (EECS) (http://www.eecs.mit.edu/grad/index.html) at MIT is the largest in the School of Engineering with about 700 graduate students in the doctoral program. The department offers four graduate degree programs:
  • Master of Science (SM), required of students pursuing a doctoral degree
  • Master of Engineering (MEng), for MIT EECS undergraduates only
  • Electrical Engineer (EE)/Engineer in Computer Science (ECS)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)/Doctor of Science (ScD), awarded interchangeably
Ranking of Top US Electrical Engineering Doctoral Programs:

1. Stanford

2. MIT

3. University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign

4. University of California–Berkeley

5. Caltech

6. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

7. Cornell

8. Purdue University

9. Princeton

10. University of Southern California

10. UCLA

Source: National Council Research Report 1995

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