MIRBIS - Moscow Business School Profile

Moscow Business School MIRBIS constantly takes top positions in ratings of business schools in Russia. The School's MBA program is accredited by the International Association of MBAs (AMBA). The Bachelor degree courses are accredited by the efmd EPAS, and Master degrees have the accreditation of the AMBA PEMM. In 1997 experts of London Guildhall University (Great Britain) accredited MBA program of MIRBIS Institute.

MIRBIS business school participates in all ratings that are held regularly by public and professional organizations.

Ranking Profile:

- MIRBIS took the First and Second Place by the competition ranking of the best business schools. Economics Journal “Finance”, May 2009.

- 1st in the ‘Education and Career’ journal N42 (85) dated 31.10.2005.The rating of non-governmental higher educational institutions of economics.

- 1st in the ‘Double Entry’ journal N 10, 2005. MBA program rating.

- 1st in the ‘Career’ journal N9, 2003. ‘Five best Russian business schools’.

- 2nd place among Top 25 best business schools in Russia. Integra Ranking MBA.SU-2006.

- 2nd place in the ranking of best business schools Journal "Finance" (from 21 May 2007 г.).

- 3rd in the rating of Moscow MBA business schools held by RosBusinessConsulting.

- 3rd place in the ‘Finance’ journal N21 (111) dated 06.06.2005.‘

- 4th place in the rating of public reputation of business schools where Russian educational institutions were assessed by the Association of Managers from the point of view of companies – customers of their services.

- 5th in RBK rating of Russian higher educational institutions.

- 5th in the ‘Economic strategies’ journal which assessed 20 strategic business schools of Russia realizing MBA program.

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