Top MBA Programs in Bangladesh

List of top MBA program providers in Bangladesh:

Asian University of Bangladesh (AUB)
- It has the largest School of Business among the private universities in Bangladesh.
- The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program has been designed to enroll students of various backgrounds.
- The Internship is a part of the MBA degree requirement for fresh students who do not have work experience.

University of Dhaka - Institute of Business Administration
- It is the leading business school in the country.
- The MBA degree program is a professional graduate program to develop skills and judgement in an individual for effective management.
- The program begins with a sequence of fundamental management courses, and is followed by a range of elective courses.
- Full-time candidates normally complete the course work, followed by an internship program, in a maximum of six successive semesters. Part-time candidates complete the course, followed by an internship, in an average of eleven regular semesters.

International Islamic University Chittagong
- It is among the top graded 9 Private Universities of Bangladesh.
- The Faculty of Business Studies offers a number of business programs including the Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Regular) and the MBA (Executive).

North South University
- It is the first government-approved private university of Bangladesh.
- The MBA program of the School of Business is a flexible and career oriented program designed to meet the needs of the professionals in the computer world.
- The MBA program has been designed following the guidelines of the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the highest accreditation body of body of business schools in USA.

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